Knowing Which Tiles to Purchase

Tiles can be classified according to their many types. There are tiles made of natural materials such as stone, ceramic, terracotta clay, granite, limestone, slate, brick, glass, and concrete. Ceramic and porcelain tiles remain the most popular. However, composite tiles, glass tiles, ceramic tiles, stone tiles, and even marble tiles. Each type has specific qualities that withstand extreme temperatures, liquids, gases, and pressure. For example, a glass tile will shatter at a specific temperature but not in the case of a marble tile. Many factors determine the correct type of tile to be used for particular purposes.

Wood tiles located in Adelaide come in various colours, patterns, styles, and finishes, and they look great when matched with other types of flooring. Wood floor tiles usually look great when they match with white or light-coloured walls. If you have a guest room, you could choose a colour of wood tile that complements the walls beautifully. For instance, if your wall is mainly made of white or cream paint, match your flooring to that with brown or white wood tiles.

Glass Tiles: These are very much eco-friendly as they do not trap heat, emit toxic gases or release any form of pollutants. They are durable and highly flexible, which makes them easy to install on any surface. In addition, they can reflect and refract light, which makes them look very pleasant and elegant. However, some glass tiles tend to scratch easily. In this case, you can purchase glass tiles with a protective coating, or you could opt for tiles with more decorative qualities and excellent visual appeal without compromising durability.

Mosaic Tiles: Mosaic tiles are handmade by assembling pieces of glass and clay, or other organic materials, to create a pattern. Once they dry, the materials are heated until they reach the required temperature and are fused. This procedure creates a rough texture on the walls, making it ideal for use in rooms with rough walls. You can choose from irregular textures, which will help to create varying patterns on the walls. If you want to use a repeating pattern on your walls, irregular glass tiles can be used.

Glazed Mosaic Tiles: The manufacturing process of mosaic tiles located in Adelaide involves heating the clay and glazing them separately, resulting in tough glass fiber production. The glass fibre has many tiny holes on its surface, which allows moisture to pass through freely. The fibres come in a variety of thicknesses, depending on the thickness of the clay used. This type of tile is popular among homeowners because it is pretty durable. However, because of the durability of these tiles, they can also be challenging to clean.

Terrazzo Tiles: These tiles have a very smooth and shiny surface, making them ideal for floors. However, since there is a glaze on the terrazzo, the shine is sometimes lost. In addition, in case of a moisture-based stain, the terrazzo tiles require cleaning only using water. On the other hand, the grout can be cleaned using oxygen bleach solutions or oxygen bleach sprays. Thus, mosaic tiles require different kinds of cleaners, such as different kinds of oxygen bleach solutions and oxygen cleaners.

Vitrified Tiles: Also known as “hardened tiles”, vitrified tiles have a very tough, solid surface that cannot be easily scratched or damaged. Homeowners often install these tiles on floors because of this. However, there is more than beauty to this material. One of the significant advantages of using vitrified tiles is that they are better at holding onto heat.

Wall Tiles: These are some of the most seen types of tiles in homes. Wall tiles are widely used in both residential and commercial spaces. However, among all the pros and cons, one of the most important ones is that they do not need any extra support, which means they can easily be installed without much bother on the homeowner’s part. Some of the popular types of wall tiles include ceramic tiles, vitrified tiles and porcelain tiles. Wall tiles can also be used as countertops in kitchens.