Solar Power in South Australia

The first of the five states in Australia that makes use of solar South Australia. The state is well known for its abundance of sunlight which is why many industries are concentrated in the state like agriculture, farming, manufacturing and mining. There are also renewable energy sources in the area, including wind farms, so the government has encouraged these kinds of energy sources as part of the nation’s renewable energy target. Although the target is to have 20% of the nation’s electricity supply coming from renewable sources by 2021, South Australia is already ahead in this area with around ten percent.


As the world’s most populated area, there is a significant demand for solar power in Australia. With one-fourth of the world’s electricity supply derived from fossil fuels and other non-renewable energies, there is no doubt that this is a top priority for most countries. One way that the government in South Australia has helped to encourage people to use solar power is by offering tax breaks for solar panels.


Most of the incentives offered to people who want to go solar South Australia come from the government. However, if you live in South Australia, you can get even more. The state offers substantial rebates to residents who use solar power, and it pays for itself in less than four years. In addition, there are several incentives for people who use solar energy to heat their homes and those who use it to generate electricity.


Although the government offers rebates for solar power, this should not be your only deciding factor. The government encourages you to go for a solar panel system for your home to reduce the amount of electricity you use from the grid. When you use solar power, you take this renewable energy source and create electricity for your household, and this reduces your monthly power bills and helps you do your bit to help the environment. Even though it may cost you slightly more to set up solar power in South Australia, the rebates and incentives offered by the state can easily make up for the initial costs.


If you want to save even more on electricity bills, get solar panels installed. You can either do this yourself or get a company to do it for you. Although installing solar panels on your own may seem like an expensive proposition, it is one of the most effective ways to use solar power in South Australia.


Talk to your local energy regulator to find out how much it will cost you to get solar panels installed in your home. They can give you the average cost for setting up a home solar power system in your area. It will help you decide whether solar South Australia power is suitable for you and your home, or you need to invest in something else.