What to Look for in Your Orthopedic Surgeon

An orthopedic surgeon is a specialised class of doctors specialising in treating diseases and injuries involving the bones, muscles, tendons, and ligaments of the spine and other bodily tissues. Orthopedic surgeons don’t just perform surgery; and instead, they treat their patients with a combination of medical treatments and surgical techniques. It is why it’s important to know the different things you should look for in an orthopedic surgeon before making your decision. By knowing what you should look for, you can decide which doctor to go with.

orthopedic surgeon AdelaideBefore going into surgery, you must check with your insurance provider. Most insurance policies will pay for some or all of the cost of orthopedic surgeries. Speak to your insurance provider about payment plans and if you qualify for payment deferment or payment breaks. In addition, many orthopedic surgeons recommend getting a pre-op insurance coverage plan, so you have some coverage in case of surgery failure or complications during the surgery.

– Find out about patient privileges. A patient’s privileges at a hospital or surgical centre are extremely important when choosing an orthopedic surgeon. It’s important to find out where your surgeon is privileged to know what is available to you. Some surgeons only operate in their hospital or surgery centre, so make sure you choose one with the same privileges. It is especially important if both you and your partner have joint ownership of a health insurance plan. In addition, it is beneficial to choose a surgeon orthopedic surgeon Adelaide where you both would be having your operation.

– Check out the hospital itself. Is the hospital up to the medical community’s standards? Most hospitals should have a good reputation for treating patients with the highest levels of care and quality of surgical procedures. Be sure to ask to see the hospital’s list of former patients. Research the reputation of the surgeon and hospital staff to ensure you are putting your best foot forward for surgery.

– Take a second opinion. If you feel you aren’t happy with the first orthopedic surgeon you interviewed, consider asking another doctor to help you evaluate the surgeons. A second opinion will likely give you a more qualified and trustworthy surgeon than the first opinion based on limited information.

– Think prevention. Orthopedic surgery is not always necessary. However, preventive surgery may help you avoid some common problems, such as a herniated disc, which can be painful and difficult to treat. Another thing to consider when choosing orthopedic surgeons is whether the hospital or clinic you are considering operates on children, which can be another potential source of pain. It can be very risky to let a child undergo major surgery on their back.

– Ask to speak to someone at the medical specialty’s office. Most doctors appreciate your interest in them and want to ensure that you are comfortable with the doctor you choose. In addition, some orthopedics surgeons offer after-hours support for patients who need help deciding or who have questions.

– If you have a lot of health concerns, consider an orthopedic surgeon Adelaide. Other specialties include thoracic/lower extremity, musculoskeletal, paediatrics, psychiatry, trauma, and women’s health. In addition, many orthopedic specialists provide additional patient services such as podiatric (preventative medicine) care, cardiothoracic (heart/stroke), rheumatoid arthritis, and bone surgery. Ensure that your orthopedic surgeon is in your hospital network or trusted referral list to get an affordable price quote on orthopedic surgery.