Using an Infrared Thermometer

InstrumentChoice infrared thermometer uses a lens to focus the rays of infrared energy. The detector is a thermopile device that converts the energy to an electrical signal. The temperature is then displayed in a display. The sensor is usually made of plastic or glass. The device’s signal processing helps stabilise and amplify the emitted energy. Using an infrared thermometer is a safe and convenient way to measure temperature.

InstrumentChoice infrared thermometerInstrumentChoice infrared thermometer is designed for permanent installation and is more rugged than lab environments. Typically, the distance from the sensor to the sample is four to twenty-eight inches. For example, an infrared thermometer that measures the temperature of a 1-inch diameter spot would measure the same temperature if it were placed 12 inches away from the surface. However, the distance-to-spot ratio is not the same for all thermometers, and the device should be checked before use in hazardous environments.

Instrument Choice infrared thermometer can measure a range of temperatures, from -40F to 428F and up to 626F. While most of them are suitable for moderate temperatures, it is important to check the temperature capabilities of an infrared thermometer before attempting to use it. When using an infrared thermometer, always read the manufacturer’s instructions and the manufacturer’s website.

Despite the complexity of the technology behind an infrared thermometer, its concept is quite simple. Everything with mass emits energy, which comes in the form of heat. When the two wavelengths of infrared radiations collide, they determine the temperature of the surface. Its high distance-to-spot ratio makes it a great choice for food production facilities and laboratory applications.

When using an infrared thermometer, you should consider the distance between the thermometer and the sample. As a general rule, a distance of two to six inches is acceptable for measuring the temperature of a small spot. For example, a spot of one-inch diameter is about twelve inches away from the surface and vice-versa.

An infrared thermometer is an instrument that measures the temperature of a substance using a laser. This type of instrument uses a high-power LED to display the temperature. For example, the device can determine the temperature of a liquid or a gas. The infrared thermometer has a dual laser targeting system that locates the object’s diameter.

InstrumentChoice infrared thermometer uses laser light to measure temperature. This light is extremely intense, and only certain lasers are powerful enough to produce millimetre-sized beams. This intensity is comparable to sunlight’s, but it is less dense than visible light. So when the infrared thermometer measures the temperature, the area illuminated by the laser is hotter than the surface itself.