Why Get a Hydro Jet Drain Cleaner?

Hydro jet drain cleaning in South Australia is a key part of the nation’s water management systems. The Department of Water and Forests manages and provides oversight for the hydro jet system. The hydro jet drain cleaning SA process includes using an ultra high-pressure jet that can clean even the toughest blockages from your septic tank. If you are experiencing problems with your septic system, it’s time to call a hydro jet cleaning company in South Australia.


NASA designed this system for use in space, and it is used in many NASA programs on the moon and on Mars. It can solve problems with sludge, rust and heavy minerals that can build up in your drains. Since the system leaves your drains sparkling and new, many homeowners have chosen to install them. Not only is it the most effective way to keep your drains clean, but it is also the cleanest.


The hydro jet drain cleaning process itself is quite simple. A truck-mounted jet nozzle forces a jet of water at high pressure down through a PVC pipe. Once it reaches the drain field, it is vacuumed away. Because it is a non-stop, non-towelled system, there is no waiting required.


The main benefit of installing a hydro jet drain cleaner is that it takes care of problems before they become severe enough to warrant a plumber. Most people can notice a problem in their drain and immediately call a plumber or a drain cleaning service. However, some problems take a little bit of time before they become noticeable. For example, a buildup of sediment and organic material in your sewage pipes will not cause a problem until it clogs your drain pipe. However, when the problem becomes noticeable, it will be far more costly to repair than the hydro jet drain cleaner itself.


You must invest in hydro jet drain cleaning SA systems when you find that your sewage system has not been functioning up to its full potential for years. Not only can it lead to unpleasant odours in your home, but it also makes plumbing repairs necessary. If you do not have a professional hydro jet drain cleaning system installed, you may be required to hire one to repair the issue.


Your hydro jet drain cleaning SA system should be carefully checked annually to ensure it is working at its highest efficiency. A sluggish drain line is an excellent reason to call a professional plumber. If your plumbing system is older than ten years, you might be wise to consider upgrading to a newer, more efficient system. After all, your family’s health depends on it!