Is it worth it to get married so much?

If there is a feeling of “I want to have a child with a favorite person” when getting married, unfortunately in Japan after 2011, that feeling has been changed to “I want my child to grow up well”. Looking at the current situation in Japan, which is being praised by Mr. Fukuichi, who knows that It is expected that the birth rate will also be cancer AGE, so if you do not want to carry an extra burden in your life, you should stop making children, so the value of marriage in life is ” Since it is only worth “children can be born”, it is a pity for both parents and kid to make kid in a family without economic power in Japan from this where poison of fluffy contaminated food is distributed all over the country. So, “I like Hayao Miyazaki’s Ghibli works, so I want my daughter to grow up in the same way, so I named it Shiita (* ^ _ ^ *)” If you really want to raise a decent child, you should move to Okinawa right now.

Aging society gar, lonely death gar

The disparity society that is often widespread in the media, the aging society with a declining birthrate in the future, the increase in lonely deaths due to the nuclear family, and the pensions that have disappeared, but who would say that it would be a loss? Is there really anyone who is really in trouble because of the increase in lonely deaths? Rather, lonely death develops into an act because it is in trouble, so shouldn’t all the media that manipulate the impression as if it were caused by the “young people of today” should be destroyed once and for all? In the first place, the reason why Japan developed into the bad end route of the current gal game is all due to the “young generation at that time”, and it seems that it is our fault that all the responsibilities of Sole et al. I don’t like to say that the current economic chill is bad for young people because of the reasoning such as “I’m not interested in cars unless I get married and I don’t spend money on my hobbies.” It’s not that you don’t spend money, but that you can’t use it, and that you don’t have a hobby or that you can’t get married.

If you want to get married, get serious

However, if you say that you want to get married regardless of the social thing or the thing that seems to be important, you should do a serious marriage activity, that is, a marriage activity. Marriage activity is the last apocalypse performed by a person with a cliff, who is expected to be unable to get married if he lives his private life as it is, and the standard of living in the future will fluctuate greatly depending on whether or not this is successful. By the way, I’m trying to appeal to women who do this kind of thing as “marriage girls”, but in reality, the new and old unsold bargain sale items in the latter half of 30 are “at least annual income. I want 700, and I can’t say that I’m not good-looking, so I can’t say that I’m taller than 165. ” It’s safe to say that it’s almost 0%, but you can’t retire or move forward toward marriage. Isn’t it? Of course, men in the world prefer the younger generation to the younger generation of married women (laughs) who only think about themselves, so the unfortunate infinite spiral state with no escape will continue forever. ..